The Bachelorette | Season 13 Episode 1

wine bachelor and yoga pants. the bachelorette season 13 episode 1I am so happy it’s finally here. The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 1!

These are my actual thoughts, tweets and notes as I watch the episode. And if you haven’t already, read the first post in this Bachelorette blog series! Okay, let’s begin!!


  • First things first… Rachel is adorable. I like how down to earth she is, but also has the sass that she’ll most likely need down the road.
  • Uhm… her dog is SO CUTE. Will we be seeing more of him?
  • KENNY – Wrestler. At first I’m thinking… oh no. But now that I see him with his daughter and how freaking cute they are together…
  • JACK STONE – Really cute! Lawyer… okay. Sad story about his mom passing away. But he seems like a genuine guy!
  • ALEX – Gym rat? Geek. Greek?? Cute.
  • MOHIT – Baliwood! So fun. He seems like a nice guy.
  • LUCAS – ………OH NO NO NO NO NO… NO. Just stop……. Any day now…
  • BLAKE E. – …I’m labeling him “sex guy”. WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE!? Stop talking about your genitals. NO.
  • DIGGY – He is SOOO adorable! 575 pairs of shoes? At least he can never get mad at Rachel for buying too many shoes, right?
  • JOSIAH – Prosecutor. Uh oh… here come the tears. Oh my goodness. His older brother committed suicide, he found him and brought him down?? Wow, I can’t even imagine. And the story about him wanting to become a lawyer? Gave me the chills. All the feels.
  • Awe! All the girls back at the mansion! I just love Raven. I can’t wait to see her and Kristina on Bachelor in Paradise!


  • PETER – First out of the limo! From Wisconsin. …That’s about it?
  • JOSIAH – Lawyer jokes. ROSE!
  • BRIAN – Colombian. Pretty cute! She liked him! ROSE!
  • KENNY – HAH! The arm wave. Kenny is quickly becoming my favorite. “Kenny with the dance moves” ROSE!
  • ROB – Pretty cute with the glasses.
  • IGGY – …Not much I got from his.
  • BRYCE – Firefighter! Cheesy line. “How could a dream be this beautiful”. But A for effort.
  • WILL – Cute first impression with the nerdy outfit.
  • DIGGY – Haha! He is adorable. Teach me how to diggy!! ROSE!
  • KYLE – He’s showing her his buns… with cheese. I like your style Kyle.
  • BLAKE K. – He’s cute. Grandparents have been together a long time. That’s all I got.
  • BRADY – Just had to break the ice. Nice one Brady… nice one. We all appreciated the corny joke.
  • DEAN – the “wanna go black never go back” guy from after the final rose. He’s so nervous. Apparently She didn’t mind his comment. That’s good! I like him. ROSE!
  • ERIC – the dancing guy.
  • DEMARIO – Very forward. Looking forward the first date, first kiss, first Christmas… cute. ROSE!
  • BLAKE E. – oh god no. Sex Guy in a marching band! Rachel don’t fall for it!!!
  • FRED – Hah! Fred was “a very bad kid” from the same grade school as Rachel. So cute! ROSE!
  • JONATHAN – NO JONATHAN. You don’t tickle someone you just met. You literally just broke her trust within 30 seconds of meeting you. Wrong move. Go home.
  • LEE – I’m thinking he’s just here to get noticed for his musical talent. (insert unimpressed emoji face.)
  • ALEX – That was actually kind of cute that he brought the vacuum and said he’s with the clean up crew. Like what you did there, Alex.
  • ADAM – Oh no. Adam Jr.? Creepy. I’m with you Rachel, I don’t like him either.
  • MATT – Good thing Alexis warned her to be nice to the guys dressed in a costume. He’s gonna “waddle right into her heart.”
  • GRANT – That was cute. Rolled up in an ambo saying that he heard a beautiful woman has been bored to death. Smooth.
  • ANTHONY – He seems sweet and genuine.
  • JAMEY – “This dress is ridiculous” That’s all I got from him. Slow down the entrances!
  • JACK STONE – He’s so cute… And I actually kind of like that he didn’t have any crazy gimmick. Plus the name “Jack Stone” makes him, like, at least 10x cooler on my roster. ROSE!
  • JEDIDIAH – Biblical reference. Maybe not the right one to choose though. :/
  • MICHAEL – The blacker the brownie, the sweeter the what?
  • LUCAS – That actually would have been kind of a cute entrance with the megaphone if it wasn’t for lucas.


  • Josiah got the first talk, and now has a target on his back. I don’t get why. Someone else would have been that guy if he hadn’t, right?
  • Dean and Rachel building a sand castle! Adorable!! He’s very sweet.
  • Demario gave her her jacket. Smooth move, but he’s the one who is claimed to be here for the wrong reasons.
  • Hahaha!! AJ… “I disgust her”

  • I like Fred! But I would think it would be hard to get past the younger elementary school kid who was a trouble maker.
  • Bryan is playing it smooth. Ohhh!! FIRST KISS! …ROSE!
  • Chris Harrison just mic-dropped the first impression rose.
  • DeMario and Joshiah are going at it.
  • HAHA! DeMario just asked her ‘NSYNC or Backstreet Boys…

  • Mohit is traaaashed “Uhh that’s my drink. But you can have some, sure.”
  • Go home Lucas.
  • Peter “I know you like chocolate…” Rachel “I don’t like chocolate” Peter “You don’t like chocolate?! I will literally throw this in the fire.”ROSE!
  • Blake E. has one thing correct. He definitely has a lot of testosterone.
  • Eric and his growls. Nope. Going home.
  • Lucas actually looked a little sad when Blake said he doesn’t have any Whaboom in him.
  • Cash me ousside. Howbowda.
  • Kenny is the sweetest. I don’t really see a connection though.
  • And the first impression rose goes to… Bryan. Not surprised, but I am excited. Please stop eating her face.
  • “NOOO!” Hahahaha Poor Mohit. At least he’s drinking some water now.


Rachel’s Rose Ceremony Picks

  1. Peter – I like him!
  2. Will – I don’t even remember seeing him?
  3. Jack Stone –Woohoo!!
  4. Jamey
  5. Iggy
  6. Eric
  7. DeMario – Not sure I like him anymore.
  8. Jonathan
  9. Bryce
  10. Alex
  11. Kenny – YAY!
  12. Dean – “can anyone ever say no to you” He’s so adorable.
  13. Matt
  14. Anthony
  15. Brady
  16. Josiah – Woo!
  17. Lee
  18. Diggy
  19. Fred – Yay! Maybe she can get past the “bad kid”!
  20. Just Adam – lol
  21. Blake E. – Ugh.
  22. Lucas – Saw that one coming…



Based on this episode and the preview for the season, these are my top four picks.

  1. Jack Stone
  2. Josiah
  3. Peter
  4. Dean


What did you guys think about this episode?!

Did you like this blog post?

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