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The beginning of our new house building process!

Our house hunt has officially started!! …And quickly ended, because we decided that buying a plot of dirt would be a better choice. 😉 Doug and I will be building our new house together in the lovely “small town” of Gilbert, AZ! I don’t know if it has actually hit me yet, that we are (unofficially) owners of our first home. It’s such an exciting time in our newlywed life.


We weren’t planning on building a home. We always thought that it would be an amazing experience, but never imagined it could be in our budget. So, that day we set out with our realtor and looked at 9 different homes within the city of Gilbert. Some were great and others were very charming but I couldn’t help but notice I wasn’t very excited about any of them. (Hopefully I’m not the only one who bases their decisions solely on their emotional connection to things?) I knew my home had to have that feeling. Like the i-just-walked-into-the-place-of-future-memories-on-christmas-morning feeling.


When we were done with the showings, we made a pit stop for some lunch and spent some time mapping out some more open houses for us to see on our own. We noted a few model homes for developments in the area, but we decided that we didn’t like the “garden style” that most of them had. But for some reason we figured we would check a couple out while we were in the area.


While this neighborhood had the garden style we didn’t like, they also provided standard homes with the front facing garages and larger backyards. From the moment I saw the exterior I was smitten. Modern cottage style home with gray tones and boulder rock facing, 3 bed 2 baths plus a den, open concept kitchen, dining and living area with massive atrium doors to the backyard that let the light flood through the great room. SOLD. SOMEONE PUT A SOLD SIGN OUT FRONT RIGHT NOW. PLEASE! We were prepared to do whatever it took to move into the model that night.


So, after talking intently and agreeing to sleep on it, we signed the papers the next afternoon and put the deposit down on a lot! 6-8 months until we can be “official” homeowners of the cutest cottage styled Arizona home. I’m so excited to watch the process of it being built and knowing that we would be the first to live it’s memories.

I wanted to cry knowing that we wouldn’t be moved in for Christmas seeing as we were about a month too late to make the deadline, but let’s be honest. That would just be a s*** show trying to get everything unpacked and decorated for the holiday. So I guess I should be grateful. But that doesn’t mean I’ve lost hope that the builders would magically have it done in 5 months. Maybe a few batches of homemade cookies to encourage them? 😉

The beginning of our new house building process!

So here we are. With a lot of dirt. And I do mean that quite literally. We envisioned ourselves buying a simple fixer upper and making the home our project. But with our lives getting busier and busier each year, and with children in the not-too-distant future, we agreed that having some major projects done from the start would really benefit us. But we do still want to continue making the house our own and definitely have some awesome projects in mind to make some updates down the road.


The next step in this process is to have a structural meeting and talk about any layout changes, exterior paint and styles. After that comes the fun part… THE DESIGN CENTER. Where we spend 6 hours talking everything from cabinets and wall colors to granite and flooring to make our new house a home. I’ve never been so excited to be overwhelmed with choices!

Until then… I’ll just sit here on pinterest, pinning away, daydreaming about my future memories of Christmas in our first home together.

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