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New Build House Updates and Tips

It seems like every day we are getting closer and closer to moving into our first home. (Maybe because we are? Great sentence Brooke. ūüėČ ) It’s been a crazy road so far, and an adventurous one, but I’m not sure it had hit me quite yet that we are actually¬†building our¬†first home, until this past week when we saw something we weren’t expecting.

New Build House Updates and TipsNew Build House Updates and Tips

I think the hardest part so far, has been waiting for the builders to break ground. We visited our plot of dirt several times, hoping to see some progress but it was still there. That red-ish brown sand that we’ve grown to appreciate, simply because it was ours. It’s a slow process at first, that’s for sure, but once they started digging…¬†whooo-weee are¬†we rockin’ and rollin’!


Fulton Homes has given us such a great experience so far. They have an online program that allows you to see everything for your home, including design choices¬†and¬†updates on¬†its progress (which you can profusely check multiple times every single day because you’re a mad woman)¬†which has been great for us since we don’t live very close to our new neighborhood. It’s hard to make the drive to see the progress each day. When we saw the notification that they had completed the plumbing we went to check it out, and also when they had prepared the cables for the concrete.

New Build House Updates and Tips

Last week, though,¬†we got an email from our sales guy letting us know that the foundation was complete and that the¬†framing would be next. We were so excited to see some concrete and be able to walk our “hallways” for the first time, so a couple days later we made the drive.

As we drove into the neighborhood we were¬†commenting on¬†how all of our neighbors houses were making some serious progress. Our home is one of the last of it’s phase to be built which makes us a little jealous that we’re not at that step yet, but also excited to see the many stages it will go through. It’s such a cool thing to see¬†an entire neighborhood take shape.¬†And not only that, but to also be a part of it.

Expecting to see a wide open space with a perfectly smooth and welcoming¬†floor, in the greatest shade of grey we’ve ever seen (simply because it’s ours)¬†we turned onto our street and did a double take. Did we turn onto the wrong street? That can’t be our house.

New Build House Updates and Tips

But it was! Sitting there on our lot was a skeleton. Our house. They¬†had done¬†the rough framing in just a matter of days since we got the email and I hadn’t bothered to check the progress since then.

It was so surreal to see the bare bones of what will soon be our new home. To walk the actual hallways and to envision it with solid walls and white windows.

Our first home.

One that we built together.

New Build House Updates and Tips New Build House Updates and TipsNew Build House Updates and Tips

If any of you are thinking about doing a new build¬†we would tell you to do it. It can be a bit crazy but buying any home is and¬†it’s such a thrilling experience. One that I’m sure will make our house feel so much more ours than any other house could. We’ve essentially molded our house into our dream home and what could be better than that.

I’ve been thinking about posting a blog¬†with tips¬†for doing a new build, so if you’re interested in hearing about our experience and the tips that we’ve acquired through this process (through trial and error) let me know in a comment!

What’s Next?

And if you haven’t already seen how we will be styling the interior, check out this blog post! And stay tuned for the next blog post about our trip to the Fulton¬†Design Center!! Best day ever! You’ll see everything from wall paint color to our kitchen cabinets and counter tops, and even my absolute favorite part of the house. the floors. ūüėÄ

Thanks for reading! See you soon!


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