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It’s finally here!! The Bachelorette 2017!

Since season one, I’ve dubbed my Monday nights to be off-limits during Bachelor Season. Specifically so I can devote my full attention to the “most dramatic episode yet”, which happens to be every Monday night, so… can’t miss out on that juiciness. (Sorry Doug.)

It’s not a bad way to start the work week off, honestly: wine in hand, friends and family on your couch, and if you’re anything like me… a bowl of Dove dark chocolate is probably in your lap.

It’s become a sort of ritual for the women in my family. A night we can come together and goof off, catch up with each other about our work weeks, and throw out our silly, meaningless opinions on the latest crazy-person moment of the season. It’s always been my favorite part about the show. Not the gossip or dramatic scenes, but spending time with my friends and family.

I have Monday evenings reserved just for that during the season, whereas off season it’s harder to find the time. Somehow our priorities shift dramatically once the final rose is delivered. 😉 So hats off to the producers of The Bachelor shows for turning their cheesey-romantics into a means for gathering with our favorite people. I salute you.

But come on… I don’t know what’s better than those absurdly entertaining limo introductions, finding out who’s really here for the right reasons, and never truly knowing who they’ll keep this time around (cue Chris Harrison’s famous interjection: “…This is the final rose tonight.” What? I had no idea.)

With that being said, I know there are a lot of you out there in Bachelor Nation who feel the same way that I do, which is why I’m starting this weekly series. To share my predictions, talk about the drama, and because honestly… we’re all just suckers for a good love story, aren’t we?

I’d love a good Bachelorette discussion so keep up with me while I watch and tweet during each episode! (@thehunnyb_blog)


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